I might have preeclampsia. I blogged about my dr appointment. 38 Weeks pregnant. Let me know what you think. http://mothertobee.blogspot.com Do I have it?? Should I be induced??

I've been told being induced was really painful bc the contractions were a lot more intense. Have you ever been induced?? Have you had or know someone who has had preeclampsia??

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I'm not a physician of any kind, so I won't give any opinion about whether or not you have the the condition.

I was diagnosed with preeelampsia at 38wks with my first child. They put me on bed rest and I was told all I could do was lay on my left side(which made my blood pressure go down) and that they had no idea what caused it. I have sense learned that is often brought on when a woman's diet lacks enough protein. Protein is essential to a growing baby and if you do not get enough, your body will start to break itself down to feed your growing baby. This website talks about it in detail http://pregnancy.amuchbetterway.com/prevent-preeclampsia-diet-nutri...

I have heard of cases where a woman reverses her condition by consuming massive amounts of protein( milk and eggs) over a 48 hr period. I would suggest talking to your midwife about this, and not doing anything until you've consulted her.

I can't speak as to whether or not you should be induced, hopefully you have chosen a care provider that you trust and as long as you stay educated and ask all your questions, you and your partner should be able to feel comfortable making that decision. I would suggest that in addition to speaking to her about altering your diet, that you ask about going on bed rest, if lying down manages your blood pressure, to avoid induction.

I was induced with my first and second children, that is not a choice I would make again, because I felt they were unnecessary, but I did successfully deliver both un-medicated. I can't speak as to whether is was more painful, since I have no basis for comparison, but I will say it can definitely be done.

I was passionate about doing it un-medicated, and no one had ever mentioned it could be more painful, so I just did it.

Good luck!
My husband and I took Bradley Classes so I know all about Dr Brewers diet which is high protein. I've gotten plenty of protein my whole pregnancy. Protein is the easiest thing for me to get. I have more trouble getting green leafy veggies since I only like spinach. My midwife put me on bed rest Friday and I will find out my blood work results on Monday.
I have a friend that was just recently put on bedrest for high blood pressure. She hasn't been diagnosed with preelampsia because she has no protein in her urine (yet). She was 36 weeks at the time. Her drs are very natural and their practice avoids interventions when possible (they originally told her if she wants to be induced for convienience or wants an elective c/s she would need to find a different practice). However, for this condition they told her they would induce between 38-39 weeks due to her high BP. If bedrest doesn't keep it down or she develops preeclampsia she will be induced immediately. She & I both did some research on the topic. What we found is that, as unwanted as an induction may be, high BP & preeclampsia, are conditions that it may be the best way to go. I am including a link to a recent study published on the topic. Good Luck!

I just left from the doctor. I am being induced this Thursday. My blood work looked ok but I still have protein in my urine and my blood pressure is still about what it was Friday. She said it's probably the early stages of preeclampsia but she is calling it Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) Anyways they don't want to risk it and my midwife is on call this Thursday so it works out good. Especially since my midwife is going out of town on my due date-Oct 30th
Good luck tomorrow!



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