So this is my first pregnancy and I've noticed that along with the regular stuff like nausea and sore ankles and etc that I have some serious lymph node action going on.  It varies from day to day but they are definitely swollen and you can definitely feel them.  

Otherwise I'm healthy and happy.  All my check-ups say I'm doing great, the baby is doing great, nothing out of the ordinary.  But whenever I bring up the lymph nodes all I get is a "hmm, that's interesting" and nothing else.  

There doesn't seem to be any talk of swollen lymph nodes in the pregnancy books I have either, or online.  

Anyone else have/had this as a pregnant woman?  Anyone heard of it?  Anyone have a symptom that seems completely off-base?  Anyone notice stuff the books and the pamphlets have missed?

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Sorry, I haven't had it or heard of it. I did have swollen lymph nodes at one point in my pregnancy but I attributed it to my immune system working overtime at the moment because many people at work were sick with flus and colds but it went away by itself just as the people around me started to get healthier.



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