I have used virtually all options given to me by midwife including Tylenol and Benadryl and I'm still feeling miserable. 

Humidifier provides temporary relief, saline sprays and rinses don't seem to do anything. 

I'm doing the best to stay hydrated but still unable to sleep due to congestion and pain that includes my gums and teeth.

Anybody have any suggestions?

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What I would do if Humidifiers, saline sprays, neti pot rinses (up to three to four a day) don't help would be to have my teeth checked just in case. For me just getting my teeth cleaned messes up my sinuses for a few days and if I have any work done on my teeth I feel like I have a cold for a couple of days.

Also when I am pregnant I seem more sensitive to ever thing and my sinuses seem to swell and I feel stuffy and congested with nothing coming out. That is usually when I reach for a cold pack and put it on my face (sometimes a couples times a night but it helps me back to sleep), my step father finds relief with warm compresses.

I hope you feel better soon I feel for you.
If your boogs are greenish then it may be an infection rather than just a cold. Teeth pain often accompanies sinus infections, so that is something to consider.

I always have stuffy sinuses with each pregnancy, though it is not accompanied with any pain, its just the increased blood to your tissues etc. So some is normal, but pain...not so much.

The following is NOT medical advice!! My dad is a pharmacist, he has told me I can take a sinus meds that has Phenylephrine (NOT Pseudoephedrine). Usually it is coupled with an antihistamine which he would prefer wasnt in there. Dristan Sinus Colds is the only one I have found that fits... and I try to only take it at night. It also contains acetaminophen (tylenol) and not ibuprofen. I know my dad wouldnt risk the health of his grandchildren, so he would never let me take something that wasnt ok. I have taken it on occasion in all 3 pregnancies and all babes have been a-ok.

I also use my neti-pot to rinse my sinuses and that helps.
Thanks for your advice. I ended up going to the doctor and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory tract infection which surprised me since my mucus was clear. I am now on antibiotics and the doctor wouldn't prescribe any decongestant so I get to grin and bear it until the antibiotics do their thing.
Hi Jessica:

Have you considered alternative approaches to safely and successfully address the issue? By taking the antibiotics you may not be getting to the core of the challenge. All ailments stem from an upset in the emotions, mind, spirit and then present itself in the physical body. A respiratory health condition may indicate deep sadness held in the lungs and until this is addressed, the physical condition may continue to show up.

Consider this as you journey to wellness. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner
Raw garlic is a natural anitibiotic you might want to try. Just chop up a clove or two of garlic and, to make it easier to take, swallow it with a glass of milk or juice. Take as often as you like and as much as you like. Garlic is so good for you. (However, it would probably be best to not use it if you're close to giving birth, as it is a blood thinner. ) I've noticed when my body really needs it, I don't smell like it. Hope you're feeling better soon!
Hey Jessica,

Glad you found out what the problem was and I hope the antibiotics have helped if not completely cleared everything up by now. I had a suggestion for dealing with nasal congestion, although you may not need it now! I've had a stuffed up nose since the beginning of my pregnancy (and frequent nose bleeds too); a few weeks ago I tried using nasal strips during the night and they really helped to open up the nasal passageways and assist in a better night's sleep. Mind you when I woke up at 2 am I ended up ripping it off just because it felt a bit weird. So if your looking for a non-pharmaceutical solution for congestion, this may be an option!

Wishing you health and wellness.



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