I am new to this website. And I am new to pregnancy. I had my first ultrasound this morning. We quickly were able to see the heartbeat which is pretty amazing. Then the doctor asked us what else we saw. There are two!!

We then went to her office and discussed for a while. She emphasizes that twins will almost always require cesarean. She has never not done a cesarean for twins. She is also absolutely opposed to birth at home or in a birth center with a midwife, and insists that pregnancy with "complications" should always give birth in the safety of a hospital.

Our gut feeling after this appointment is that we should look for a different OB group that might be more supportive and less frightening.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Are twins really considered "complications"?

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I do not know much about twins, or the "complications" surrounding them. I do know that I have heard many stories of twins being delivered by midwives at home without complication as often as I have heard stories about how an OB will not deliver them vaginally because of complications. I would seek out a midwife and get as many opinions as possible before consenting to a cesarean though. Good luck.
I talked to the birth center in our area. They won't deliver twins. Twin cases get shipped to the hospital. I am meeting with a midwife on July 8. I find myself wondering if I am naive for trying to not think of my twins as "complications".
I have a friend who delivered her twins vaginally in a hospital. I do not think you're naive to not think of twins as "complications". I would do all the research I could and make the choice that is best for you. If you want to deliver vaginally, then I'd look for a midwife or OB who would support that decision 110%. Granted, as in any pregnancy, complications may arise that a natural birth would not be healthy for you or your babies, but having your care provider on board will hopefully lessen the chance of unnecessary interventions. Good luck!
Hi Jennifer & Family:

Trust your gut!

All the best,
Holistic Maternity Practitioner
With Twins, the same as with every other pregnancy, the most important thing you can do is find a care provider who shares a similar perspective on birth as you do. Both you and the provider will encounter way less stress this way, and you will be able to trust your provider SO much more.

You should look for a provider who is skilled a twin vaginal delivery and go there. Twins are not necessarily a "complication" just a variation. Most providers who do vaginal twin birth will do so if "Baby A" is head down. Then if "Baby B" is breech they can quickly turn "baby B" and do a head-first vaginal birth, or some will guide Baby B and do a vaginal breech birth for Baby B. Older docs seem to have the obstetrical skills for vaginal breech births, twins, etc. Many of the younger docs are trained a "one size fits all" cesarean for variations like twins and breech. Chances are there is a doc near you who can help you have a vaginal twin birth.

Best of Luck!!
For more tips on twins and natural childbirth: www.choices-in-childbirth.com
My 110lb aunt gave birth at 41 wks to twin girls that were 8lbs+ each vaginally. There isn't any reason you can't as long as you have a healthcare provider who supports you. If you must deliver at a hospital, get an experienced doula, and make sure you've done your homework to know what YOU consider to be a risk.



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