I am 30 weeks 4 days and I noticed a sudden drop in the baby's position overnight.  Suddenly my whole bump hangs lowers, the usual kicks are felt about 2 inches lower and the pressure in my bladder is such that I'm having to go to the bathroom almost once an hour.

Is it too early for the baby to drop or is this normal?

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Hmmm...are you having menstrual cramps? For me, menstrual cramps always accompanied the drop.

Depending upon how high the baby was, before, he might have dropped some but not enough to cause labor.

Either way, dropping this early is not uncommon, particularly in first-time moms. Enjoy the breathing room, because baby is gonna keep growing! Of course, if you see any of the warning signs (contraactions, bleeding, pain, fluid leaking, "bloody" mucous (not just clear or amber mucous)), then its probably time to call your practitioner.

Oh...and welcome, ye, to the third trimester! Peeing every five minutes and uncontrollable flatulence are a couple of the biggest symptoms.
Thankfully I haven't had any labor symptoms but this drop has caused round ligament pain to return with a vengeance, at least I know what it is so it doesn't worry me. I just need to get used to going to the bathroom every chance I get, not always feasible while at work.



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