I woke up with a slight contraction at 4:35 am, went back t o bed and woke up at 4:50 when Noah head bunted my back. lol I went to the bath room and nothing. BOOO! went back to bed , while I was laying there I felt this HUGE POP and my stomach and back just busted out in pain. it was about 5am when I asked Dustin to get me a bath ready. and guess what? my mucus plug had popped out. =) and there was show! Yay! FINALLY! I was so happy! lol I got in the tub and had 3 contractions while in the tub. I had written on the tub wall with foam letter " IM 1n Labor". =) Dustin can in at each contraction and I told him to go to bed, that i may need him later. Around 5: 45 I told Dustin to call our friend and Doula Kam. Dustin left to get her at 5:50 ( she was in a car accident last weekend and didn't have a car). After he left I got out of the tub, tossed on a shirt and a towel and went to the kitchen , turned on my water for tea and nuked some rice packs. I had contractions in the kitchen. I just held onto the stove and swung my hips in a circle. after the rice packs were done i went and sat on the couch. all of a sudden BAM!! contraction! and my body started pushing. I reached down and felt my bag of waters bulging. I thought " oh great! Dustin's not here. shit!" and then Sploosh! it busted all over the couch and thought " Dustin's not here. lol good. he'd be pissed if my water broken on him!" lol the things you think when in labor! I feel another contraction coming on and started moaning and getting loud. I guess I was just loud enough to wake up Noah. He came out here just as Jonah was crowning. He yelled at me for waking him up , " I heard your noises!" . He stood by me and rubbed my check ( its what we do to comfort each other) as the rest of Jonah slid out. Just as Jonah's feet came out Dustin and Kam walked in and I yelled at Dustin to get Jonah and put him on my chest. This was at 6:10am. I held Jonah for an hour and wanted my placenta out so I gave Jonah to Dustin and the kids went to play/read/jump on the bed while Kam helped my stand up and roll on the birth ball. We texted Jen to ask her advice because I was getting a bit worried about it not coming out. I went to the bath room and it came out. BEAUTIFUL! one perfect placenta! I went and lay down and nursed Jonah more and just cuddled with him. after a bit I went to take a bath and I'm kind of blurry from here on out. =) I do remember Noah taking a nap with Jonah and I.


 7# 8 oz

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