April 16 was our EDD but nothing happened, just hung out at home all day. On the 17th we were bored so we went to Frankenmuth ( a tourist town) and walked around all day. That night my contractions weren't to bad just one or two an hour. Went to bed around 9 b/c I was tired. I was up at 1:30, April 18th,with a bad contraction but I just walked about a bit and it stopped. I went to the bathroom and there was pinkish mucus! I woke up Dustin and told him that we might be in labor. He got up and got dressed then went up stairs to tell my mom. By 2:20 I was crampy so I hopped into the tub. Had really bad, close contractions so my Mom called the midwife. Kim(DEM) said to time my contractions and call her if they got with in 5 minutes or so of each other. I was having contractions lasting for about 40 seconds every minute so we called her again. She said give her an hour to get dressed and she'd be here. By then it was almost 3 and my contractions where getting farther apart and lasting only 20 seconds. We thought it was false labor or something so I went back to my room and was sitting in my comfy chair. Mom was reading the comics and drinking coffee and Dustin was holding my hand trying to get me laugh. All of a sudden ~ BAM~~ back to contractions, really bad. Mom called the midwife(who hadn't ever gotten out of bed yet)and told her to get here NOW! I was freaking out and Dustin was doing the best he could to help me. I wanted to get back in the tub put when I stood up I fell over on to my bed. I told Dustin that Noah was coming NOW and I had to push, I pushed once and POP out can my plug(I didn't get to see it so I still don't know what it looks like). All of a sudden Dustin is like " Barb I think you might want to get over here!" Noah had started to crown! One good push and Noah's head was out, another push and out came his shoulder and then my water broke and out came the rest of him! My poor sister came downstairs just as my water was breaking and she called the midwife(who was on her way)and the midwife relayed to my mom & Dustin what to do.
Mom put Noah on my chest and my sister grabbed the camera.Dustin had my head in his lap and he gave me a huge kiss. Noah started to nurse right away, my afterbirth came out and mom started to boil my herbal bath. The midwife finally showed up, Dustin cut Noah's cord and we went to take a bath. After our bath we weighted Noah (8lbs. 8oz.)and measured him (22 inches). I guess the walk must have helped!
After Noah and I were tucked in bed Dustin started calling everyone back in Wyoming. He was so proud! "Our" homebirth was perfect!

That was my son and this is my daughter!

Yesterday, August 28th, was Araya's EDD. I thought nothing of it since Noah was born 2 days after his, so imagine my surprise when I started having contractions. No big deal , I had been having them for 3 weeks and I had just finished nursing Noah to sleep for his afternoon nap. Ok, so here's the time line: Put Noah down at 1:12, I get up at 1:30, talk with my mom for about 20 minutes and the pain is kicking in. 2pm I hop in the tub just as Noah is walking up. I take a nice hot bath and the contractions stopped so I got out. The moment I got out I was hit with some bad contractions so it was back in the tub for me. I think that Noah may had came to play with me but I can't remember. I got out, wrapped myself up in a towel and head for the couch. At 2:58 I called Dustin and told him to get home ( he was at work about 10 minutes away) and gt back in the tub. He got home quick and was talking to me while I was in the tub. I needed to get out and lay down. My back was just about killing me. Oh, I had been having horrible back pain ( and I still do) all day. Anyway, Dustin had laid out some blankets and those pad things on the living room floor. When we got to the living room my mom and Noah were getting ready to go out for a walk. I gave Noah a kiss and they left. This was about 3:15/3:20. Everything started happening so fast , I was laying down and Dustin put a pillow under my back ( which helped a lot!) and BAM! a really strong one hit. BAM! Another one, but I needed to push at this one. So there I was pushing at this contraction and what does my wonderful husband say?
" Hey Breath! I don't need you passing out on me and making me do all the hard work!"
No, I didn't kill him, I kinda laughed but in the 'that's really not funny and I'm gonna kill you for it' sort of way. =) Well, I got him back at the next contraction... SPLUSH ~ POP my water broke...! I felt him jump back and I don't think he liked me very well at that point.
anyhow, After my water broke there were only 2 more contractions. One pushed her head out ( " honey, she's not breathing!" ~ "she's breathing through the cord, she's fine") and the second pushed the rest of her out. =) Dustin put her on my chest. 20 minutes later Mom walks in with a wet little Noah. He had found a puddle and was playing in it. Araya started nursing about 25 minutes later. I think Noah nursed as well. I was getting a bit worried because it took almost 2 hours for the placenta to come out. Dustin was rubbing my stomach and I had to stand up to finish pushing it out but it's all in one piece in our freezer. I took another bath to get cleaned up, while Mom and the boys cleaned her up.
There is more of course but I'll add that later.
It's now later:
She weighed in at 8 lbs even ( I was hoping she's be bigger) and 22 inches long. =) She has a head of black hair and steel blue eyes. The first two days she didn't nurse much but now it's pretty much all the time. Tandom isn't going as well as planned. I can't figure out how to get Noah's big ol' head comfy ( anyone have tips on that??) . And for right now she's sleeping on one side of me and Noah's on the other. When she wakes up so does Noah and he's than up for an hour to two. Which sucks, let me tell you. Oh and her unblical cord hasn't fallen off yet. We left her attached for over an hour which was nice since she got all the blood and nutrients.

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