I was curious if any moms on here used to work full-time? I used to work in banking and for several years after getting my MBA was career focused. That is until I had my first baby and the thought of putting her in daycare tore me up so I decided to stay at home. Now I am a mom of 3 (recently had my third this past April) and eventhough I founded an online advocacy group for moms www.empoweredmommies.com, I am still at home full-time.
Was curious how other moms adjusted to life at home? Was it easy, hard? How did you cope?
:) Would love to hear stories of transitioning to SAHM.

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I worked full-time as my husband's office manager in his high-volume Chiropractic office until we had our baby 3 months ago. I thought that I would work in his office one or two days a week with baby in tow, but since she's been born, I have only done a little work from home. We had decided that I should be a full-time stay at home mom because we both knew that raising our daughter was best done by her mommy. I believe that it is the most important job in the world to be a stay at home home mom and I feel very blessed to be in a financial situation to do so. I could not imagine someone else experiencing all that I have with my daughter so far and each milestone to come. I found it was very easy to transition from full-time career girl into full-time Mommy.
I myself am a new sahm, for the past 4 months. I have 3 little girls, who are 6, 4, and 2.5 , also I am 5 months pregant with our little boy . I am a licensed hemodialysis nurse. I have aloways worked , since I was 15 years old. The change came somewhat quick for me . My mother in law was watching our children, 3 days a week when i would work. When we found out we were pregnant we had disided I would stay at home when the baby was born, but she got angry and stopped watching them. I had to quit my job. So i wanted to be at home ,but not right away . I had wanted to prepare a bit. That did not happen. I was not ready. We are not finacialy ready either. I guess everything happends for a reason. I have to let God be in chanrge. Seems the past few weeks have been the hardest for me personaly. The change for my husband , now i am expected to do everything at home ,he is always at work, and he feels like he does not make enough money still. i have a lot of emotions inside and comment on nothing it seems. His family hates m,e , thinks I'm worthless, sometimes i think he thinks the same. But he says he is happy that i am here with our kids. He and his family are so set on money that since i no longer make any I feel like I am not worth anything any more . I was wondering if anyone ele felt like this. What did they do about it ect....



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