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When did you start to show?  I'm nine weeks tomorrow, and I'm showing already. I didn't think I was supposed to show this quickly. I've only gained four pounds since I found out I was pregnant, but my tummy looks really big. Have others had similar experiences?  If not, when did you start to show?

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with my daughter I started showeing at twelve weeks and by 16 weeks I was huge. I'm nota petite person ether. I thought itw as wierd. But everyone is different and I think it all depends on your body your deffently not the first person I've heard that started showing that early with their first. I truly believe it all depends on the womans body whenyou start to show.
well iv noticed weight shift but no gain....i still wear my skinny jeans and tight shirts but with out stuff on i have a tiny bump...i cant wait till i have a bump and not just a blop lol
With my first i started showing at around 14 weeks, then grew quickly. lol This time around i didnt start to look pregnant till i was 22 weeks, and im still wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans...so he's sittin up kinda high right now...and just a little bump. I agree with Naomi, it just depends on how ur body type is and what u take in...most of the time that early on in the pregnancy its just bloating. So dont worry about it...just enjoy it. I think most of my 10lb gain has been in my boobs...i sent my hubby a photo from the side the other day..and he a was like..well i love it all..but i'm really liking the top half of ur body..lol MEN!!

I really didnt start to look PG tell 4m even then some people didnt know, But i only gainded 15 pounds and my son was over 9 pounds=))


I started showing at 8 weeks and by 10 weeks I gained 10 pounds....I was quite concerned about people talking about my weight gain.  Shortly thereafter, I miscarried.  Now, I cant WAIT to get pregnant & people talk about my weight gain!!
With my first I started showing pretty early like - 12 week.  Everyone told me that I was for sure having twins, which scared the bajeezies out of me.  I started feeling him kick at 14 weeks.  I didn't gain much weight though until I was really well into my 2nd trimester.  I didn't end up having twins and my baby wasn't a giant or anything.  I just started showing really early got BIG right away and then I just kind of stopped growing at like 36 weeks.  Everyone carries so differently.  I had a friend who didn't show AT ALL up until the time she had her baby.  She wasn't even super fat or anything - she was actually a stick of a girl.  I kept think how is this possible that she can grow a full size baby, be stick skinny and not be showing at all?  But everyone just carries differently.

I'm pregnant with my first baby, a daughter, and currently 23 weeks.  I didn't start showing until I was about fourteen weeks and I have gained five pounds since I've found out.  What is your diet like?  All women develop differently and so do babies.  My best advice is to make dairy your best friend because it's a good source of calcium, helps with heartburn, and a good source of healthy fat.  Even low- fat ice cream is a good plus! 



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