I have been researching & planning a home birth for over a year now… My DH & I are almost ready to start trying & I was wondering what books I should buy for him to read. He supports me, but I know when we actually get pregnant he will need some additional information to help put his mind at ease. Any suggestions for both of us?

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Jenn covered all the good ones. My fiance loves all the Ina May books and even checks out her blog. :)
These are all good suggestions!

I think a book that reaches a bit further, like, Becoming the Parent You Want to Be is also a good book to read now (especially since you still have a lot of time to read!). There is also a book called Our Baby Ourselves by Meredith Small.

Thank you guys. Very helpful!
I also recommend
It's Conceivable by Lynsi Eastburn
HypnoBirthing by Marie Mongan



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