Anyone taking supplements,besides prenatals? I read somewhere taking Vitex can help with ovulation.

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I worked at an infertility clinic for a year, and we put most of our women with a history of miscarriages on a baby aspirin daily along with a prenatal and DHA supplements. They think it prevents "microclots" from forming between the tiny network of maternal and embryonic blood vessels that form during the first few weeks of pregnancy. We also had an acupuncturist on staff as well--some studies suggest that acupuncture aids in thickening the uterine lining before implantation.
Best of luck to you, Jenn!
What about for people who don't have a history of infertility?
what is pre-seed? We dont use lubrication but is that something that helps with conception? Sorry never heard of it
I don't think it's necessary to take any other supplements to prepare for babies but building up your muscles and stamina is just as important for your baby and birth. If you Google, Bing or Yahoo search muscles used for birth you will get some cool information and exercises to do. I hope that helps :-)
Vitex can seriously screw up your cycle. It should not be taken unless there is a proven (through charting, for example) shortened luteal phase, otherwise it can really cause some chaos. I had a shortened luteal phase after having my first child, and I took Vitex to conceive my second.
I usually only take my normal multivitamins (no special prenatals), DHA (I don't eat fish) and iron.
prenatal , folic acid , Nordic naturals complete omega- they are the cleanest ( and i have been reading about krill oil for pregnancy instead of fish oils .. haven't tried it yet just ordered some. I hear DHA helps With Egg production and also( if you don't have any heart problems take mixed tocopherol 800 iu of vit E this helps the embryo stick and prevents miscarriage . Only take while trying - the first trimester then stop taking.

Also check out maca Root ... its amazing stuff !!!!

Do some kind of stress relief ... stress can make your cycle go crazy !!! meditate , breath work , yoga , massage , walk in nature , journal , exercise

EAT HEALTHY !! whole foods that are organic ...

acupuncture is amazing for opening the energy !! I am a big fan !!!

also check out they have GREAT products for fertility !!!!

Hope this helps !!!!!! Lori B
what is that lori that you were talking about for supplement you can take to make egg stick and prevent misscarriege? What is that and how do you know about it? Thanks
@Lori Thanks for the info! Has anyone used any of the Fertility Boosters from or the Lady Comp system? I'm very curious and considering ordering some of their supp's.
For awhile I was following the Blood Type Diet which the author claims helps in getting pregnant. Its been hard to stay strict about the no wheat, no dairy thing, but I'm still trying to as much as possible. I've been drinking Traditional Medicinals Moon Cycle tea hoping that will help with the hormone regulation and building up my uterine lining.

Trying to avoid sugar and junk food. The only thing I've wanted to do and haven't is get more exercise. I get plenty on the weekends getting and splitting firewood, etc. but during the week I'm just so busy.

I have to say I struggle with balancing my career and career development goals with babymaking. That whole work/life balance thing. I do pretty well by not working overtime on a regular basis, but I still find it difficult to pursue both family and career.
I started folic acid a few months ago and just ordered Raspberry Leaf Tea. The tea is used to tone your uterus and have been used for centuries. For millennia European and Native American women have safely used raspberry leaf for irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps and during pregnancy. Today naturopaths and nurse-midwives often recommend raspberry leaf tea for these traditional uses. It's also safe enough to use through all aspects of a woman's life from preconception to after nursing. It's best to talk to your doctor, midwife or doula about their recommendations for your specific needs.
I haven't started taking anything yet but its next on my must look into list. Seems like that list keeps growing.



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