Hey everyone,

I thought it would be fun to see who's currently trying, who's waiting, who got pregnant, and so on. Anybody up for it?

We're waiting out this cycle (my next period should start somewhere around the 25th) and then we're ready to rock. Trying for baby #3! :)

Next! :P

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We are trying right now for #2! i should get my period on the 26th...fingers crosses we get a BFP!!!
I'm hoping for a BFP in a couple of days! This will be my first planned pregnancy. I had an unplanned pregnancy a number of years ago that was aborted and my last BFP in August ended in an early miscarriage. I'm on pins and needles--i had implantation spotting with both of the other pregnancies, but not this cycle. HOwever, my BBT is showing a definite tri-phasic pattern. **crossing my fingers!**

trying for #1
ME ME ME i'm trying!
We are, er, actively trying :) I'm hoping for a BFP by Nov 22nd (If I test a couple days past when my period is due :))
We're waiting out this cycle, too (visiting my BFF in Austin in two weeks--last hurrah! LOL) Gonna start trying December...should see AF around Dec. 5th. This is my first try, so I'm excited and nervous!
I am currently pregnant with baby number two, i'll be 13 weeks tomorrow! We already have a two year old son..so were hoping for a little girl this time around! :) (but it really doesn't matter..another sweet little boy would be just fine by me!)

baby dust to everyone who is trying at the moment, and who is waiting till next month! ;)
Well, no such luck. 0 for 3 at this point. But we'll be back at it in a couple of weeks. Hopefully being on
vacation for Thanksgiving getting out of town will help us relax and get pregnant! I was on this track of just worrying that there was something wrong with my body, but I'm trying to focus on just relaxing and not worrying so much instead.
Chelsea good luck! im hoping that we are now but i wont test untill later this month! kam is hopeing by Feb...trying not to out a time on it and just enjoy and relax is hard!
We are TTC #4! I had the mirena in for 3 and a half years with no period. I had it removed on the 2nd of October and AF came November 3rd. I am expecting AF again on the 31st....so we'll see what happens. Good luck to all you other ladies TTC right now! :)
I said in an earlier post that we were waiting until next month, but hubby and I had a little "goof" at a very crucial point in my cycle a few days ago (thank you, sauvignon blanc!), so I guess I can add my name to the list of gals trying this month! :-)
AF is due around 12/05...I'm a little more nervous than I thought I would be. Only 3 days in, and I've decided this 2ww business is for the birds...LOL!
We are trying for #3. Currently nursing #2 who is 14 months old, so I haven't have a period since March. Trying to wean her, but it has been difficult.




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