Hey everyone,

I thought it would be fun to see who's currently trying, who's waiting, who got pregnant, and so on. Anybody up for it?

We're waiting out this cycle (my next period should start somewhere around the 25th) and then we're ready to rock. Trying for baby #3! :)

Next! :P

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We've been trying for 9 months now.  Our first baby was a major surprise so when we started trying for our second we both just assumed I'd get pregnant right away.  NOT THE CASE.  It has been a major roller coaster ride of emotions but thankfully my faith and a couple really good friends have been a huge support to me.  I'm currently in the waiting portion of the month - 6 more days till I either start my period or get a positive test.  Say a prayer for me girls.
Trying for the first one. I have been waiting the last three years for my husband to be ready and to be a little more set in life but I feel like I have been waiting my whole life to be a mother.
BFN, yet again :( Sheesh! It was quite the depressing weekend. I never left the couch. I swear ladies, I thought I was getting better at this being optimistic thing! Guess I'd better start looking into natural fertility boosters. Any suggestions? I've read a lot of good things about Fertilaid. Any of you ladies had any luck with it or other things like it?
We're trying. I'm currently 10 dpo and hopeful. This is our 3rd cycle trying, but we have been preparing our bodies for over a year. Best wishes to all the ttc ladies out there!
We are trying. We had an early MC back in March so that kind of set back our plans for awhile but we are now charting and just hoping to get a BFP soon.

hey ladies!

just wanted to share with someone (since we arent telling anyone else) that we are trying for baby number 2! Getting stressed a little bc we got pregnant with our son our first month of trying 4 years ago...now we are in month 2 of trying! Wish me luck!! I am trying not to think about it but I cant help it!!

Fingers crossed!



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