Uber fans of this incredible documentary


Uber fans of this incredible documentary

For folks who love the documentary film, The Business of Being Born, but may not fit into the box of expecting or recently delivered moms...although we love and respect them all!!!

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Comment by Malvina Kiperman on December 5, 2012 at 9:37pm

Some people actually asked me if I was serious about taking a prenatal course, just wanted to share my opinion on this topic, please feel free to comment :)


Comment by Jessica Pietruszynski on May 19, 2009 at 9:02pm
I just have to say that after watching this film I was so impressed with Ricki's courage to put her own homebirth in the film. At first I was all "um i just saw Ricki Lake naked" but I soon forgot about that as I nodded my head and said "I said that" "I did that". It was incredible brave!
Comment by Michelle Van Norman on May 18, 2009 at 4:46pm
I just finished watching the film with my daughter whom i had at home. I can honestly say i had tears in my eyes. Thank you for doing this documentary. I think all first time mom's should have to watch this so they know their options. I cried when Ricky cried out we had a baby when her son was born. Those are the exact words i said when my daughter emerged from the water. My brother whom was watching tv in the living room at the time said that is the one thing he will take away from listening to the final stages of my labor. He said it brought tears to his eyes. I had 2 previouse C-sections before my homebirth and truly believe i never had the "love coctail" of hormones after both my sons birth's. My daughter and i are so bonded it is unbelievable. She is 4 months old and i already yurn to go through that amazing time again.

Thanks again and i hope more woman realize they can have their birth's their way. Midwives are amazing and truly care about mom and baby. They become part of your family.
Comment by Annalena on May 15, 2009 at 11:28am
I watched this film last year in my college sexuality course. I was one of only 3 or 4 moms in the class and the only one who's had a home birth (5 years ago at the age of 18). The film is incredible and I hope it helps a lot more women, especially younger ones who are "scared" by media images that giving birth is unnatural and horrible, to see that there are many different alternatives when you're pregnant. And if you shop around for a bargain on a pair of shoes, shouldn't your baby be that much more important to shop around for the best care that fits into what you want and not just what is the norm?!?!
Comment by Judith Elizabeth Mary Gillanders on May 14, 2009 at 5:31pm
This flim shocked me and gave me the confidence that if my birth experience was going well and safely that I could do it all naturally and I did! People should not be pressured into doing what is convenient for the doctor. People should also not feel pressured into any kind of birth they are not comfortable with. I love how this film showed how you may also NEED medical intervention and that if you need it you should get it, which is a very responsible attitude.

I was lucky, everything went well for me and there were no complications, so I had a natural labour. I was not scared and I had a fantastic support system of my husband and my mother, who honestly gave me more relief and support than any epidural could have done. Unfortunately the ob/gyn practice I am with did not believe me when I said I did not want an epidural and made me go to them first before they sent me to the hospital, to check I was as far along as I said I was. I think they didn't believe I was so far along without pain relief. That made the journey to the hospital very uncomfortable and when I got there there wasn't enough time to get comfortable before the real action began. They apologised to me afterwards, but to be fair to them, in their experience as ob/gyns, with a really busy practice of 3 doctors, they had only come across about 5 people who opted to not have an epidural with a vaginal birth.

Well done ladies for making such an amazing documentary. I've recommended it to so many people. Even if you have no interest in children and babies and birth it's a darn good film!
Comment by Cherylyn on May 13, 2009 at 1:08pm
This is a major event including the screening of three amazing childbirth films: Orgasmic Birth, The Business of Being Born, and Pregnant in America, and the producer of Orgasmic Birth will be at the screening as well!

Date: June 13, 2009
Location: Towne Cinema Theaters in American Fork, UT
Cost: $25
What: Screening of Orgasmic Birth, Pregnant in America, The Business of Being Born, Special Guest Speaker, Debra Pascali-Bonaro
Email: moviescreening@rawmelissa.com if you have questions
Comment by Julie Derwart on May 13, 2009 at 8:15am
Thanks, to both of you for all you'r hard work. Keep on going! You have so much support:)
Comment by Exie Buehler on May 12, 2009 at 5:42pm
This film is incredibly moving and should be required viewing for all OBs, LDR nurses, Midwives, Doulas, and it should be shown in childbirth classes around the country.
Thanks to all the truly amazing women who allowed us to witness their beautiful birth stories!
Comment by Dalissa Rodriguez on May 11, 2009 at 5:32pm
I watched this movie with my boyfriend and he was always telling me about home births and midwives and i wasn't sure how it all worked, until i watched this movie. It opened my eyes to all the choices i have to have a baby. This film is amazing and very helpful. I think all women who want kids, planning on having kids or are pregnant now, should watch this movie ASAP! =) Thank you so much for making this movie. you girls rock!
Comment by Jennifer McAllister on May 6, 2009 at 10:59am
I watched this movie a week before my baby was born. I'm in Canada and had been in the care of midwives - and when my water broke I went about my day. I'd planned on having my baby at the hospital with a midwife - even though I really wanted a homebirth. Because of my age and my mother's birth experiences, my husband wanted me to have my FIRST birth at the hospital (my mom was in a coma prior to birth). I went to the hospital to be assessed by the midwife who was delivering another baby there - and was sent home (even though I was in "serious" labor) expecting to be in labor for 10 more hours (first baby 1cm dialated). Three hours later I got to the "I can't do it anymore" stage - and after 20 minutes of trying not to push - the emergency midwife arrived to confirm that I was through transition in less than 3 hours - and had a quick baby - 6lb 2oz, no tearing, APGARs 9,10. It was the MOST incredible experience EVER! And I've been telling EVERYONE to watch the movie and how incredible my birth was (the midwives were even able to get the cord blood - even though they had never done it themselves before). =) Thank you for your encouragement!

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