Hello All,
I was just thinking it would be nice to start a thread about Deployment...My husband is on "Alert" meaning he is set to deploy in January.  For me this deployment is bitter sweet, meaning we actually put in to be deployed as to increase our chances of being promoted.   This is the 3rd "Alert" we have been on and he has never actually been deployed.  The last time he was ready down to packed and in the car to the air port when his deployment was canceled.  I hear this also happens when the men come back stateside?  I want to start preparing my children, I have 3.  But I fear that it will be stressful for them, but I don't want to wait till the last minute...ideas??

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My husband just left this week. He'll be gone six months, and it's a nice enough place, but he's missing our baby's birth in December.
I'm sorry to hear that Holly are you by yourself where you are?
It's just me and the two kids. We're in Louisiana. My mom's coming for the birth in 6 weeks or so; I'm kind of counting down to that...



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