Hi Ladies,
I'll just get to it...My house is a FREAKIN" disaster! The packers were here today to pack there is junk all over the place, I just had my third baby and there is stuff everywhere I've been up since 4am pre-packing and sorting. I have a awful cold. DH barley slept last night. Moving sucks I never done it with such a little baby before I keep getting interrupted to nurse AGHHHH I'm a hair away from taking a trank, feel me? any suggestions?

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Hi Amber,

Take a deep breath and TRY to Relax! I know moving with a newborn in stressful. We moved one month after the birth of our 2nd child and I can remember working to get things done all while taking care of the baby too. I really made it a point to focus on the baby and staying hydrated rather than everything around me that needed to be done. Trust me it's hard to do, especially when you're setting out to get things done on a timeline. My main concern with staying hydrated and nursing frequently was to avoid any clogged ducts. If you feel as if you're getting a clogged duct please take the time to rest...it's your body's way to tell you you're doing too much.

Do you have a friend or does dh have friends that could come by and help with the sorting while you supervise. Hugs to you....try to take it one step at a time and break it in to baby steps. You may find when you look at the little parts the big picture isn't so overwhelming.

Wow! I'm nervous about moving but at least I don't have a newborn. I don't feel so bad anymore! We are getting ready to PCS the end of this month. Our packers come the 25th and I am so nervous because this is our first move. I wish I had some real advice but unfortunately I'm a virgin at this!
Thank you ladies! For better or worse it is all packed and in storage now we are working on renting the house we moved out of and staying with family. Whew! Just focusing on moving forward!



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