Just curious to see if there are any moms in AZ who are currently planning a vbac or have had success with vbacs in the past. I am preparing myself for a vbac and am concerned about my lack of options when it comes to healthcare providers, especially with the laws against midwives attending hbacs. I am very nervous to go back into a hospital with my next baby but if I could find the right provider I know that would really help. I am already planning on getting a doula for support, that was a no-brainer decision for me. Does anyone have reccomendations for OB's or CNMs who are truly Pro-vbac? I have already joined the ICAN and Phoenix Birthing Circle so I am trying to get information from every resource I can find. Any information would be appreciated:)

Thank you:)

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I am a doula in the phx metropolitan area, mostly in the east valley. I support women desiring a VBAC often. There are quite a few good doctors and CNM's who will support you in this. Birth circle is a great place to get names. Many of the people there will know who is in your area. It is a great thing you are doing. Stay positive and keep looking until you find the right provider for you. Which part of the valley are you in? I might be able to make some recommendations. Stick with your intuition, I did and was able to have 3 successful VBACs after my cesarean.
Thanks Kim:)
I am in Tempe. I have looked into going with a CNM at St. Joes because she is the only midwife I have heard of that is able to do vbacs. I have also considered a DO who I have heard is pro-vbac but I haven't actually heard of anyone who had her for their vbac. I have also thought of having a homebirth with a ND. I still have fears that if I choose to go into the hospital that I will be manipulated into doing things that could possibly end in a c/s or that they would not let me go past 40wks. If you have a specific provider that was supportive for your vbacs I would love to hear about them. Thanks for your help!



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