Hi everyone! I have a new project going on"CUT, SCAR, WOUND, AND A STITCH OF HOPE"..I am in the process of creating a book that includes cesarean and vbac birth stories with pictures of mom and baby, inspirational poems, artwork and tips on how to have a great cesarean experience and how to go about having a vbac. If you are interested in having your birth story and pictures or poetry/artwork published, please email me at lovelyfamilyservices@gmail.com


My name is Ashley Love and I have really been dreaming this idea up for a while and finally have the chance to make it a reality. I am a Cesarean mom. I have three daughter ages 5, 3, and 1 and they were all born by cesarean. I developed pre-eclampsia with all of them and my 1 year old was the most heart breaking because I planned a vba2c with her and then developed a severe case of the flu at the very end of my pregnancy. I am a DONA trained labor and postpartum doula and lamaze trained educator. I am also a Registered Medical Assistant and have my own business offering doula/childbirth education/housekeeping services and low cost family supplies for low-income familes. I have had many feelings (mostly bad) about my cesarean and would like to help other women get past that and move on..and maybe even have a vbac in the future!!!! :)

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I am currently pregnant with my second, due January 6th and I am hoping for a VBAC.  I have switched from my Doctor to a midwife.  The midwives I have chosen have a 85% success rate for VBACS, so I am very optimistic, but still very concerned.  I had a really bad experience with my C-section.  Would love to tell my story for your book.

Erin Penighetti 



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