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I gave birth to my daughter via c-section, and my husband and I are just getting to the point where we are interested in trying for our second child (our daughter is almost 14 months now).  I've been reading about vbacs and realize that most forms of medical induction are not recommended as they may increase the risk of uterine rupture.  I know that using a foley balloon works quite well for natural induction (and doesn't pose a risk of uterine rupture) but when after my water broke with my daughter, the midwife asked some doctors if they would insert a foley ballon to mechanically induce labor....but no one would do it because of the risk of infection (I was annoyed - there is always risk of infection. *grumble grumble*). 


My moms waters have always broken first. I thought I'd be different (did the Brewer diet, etc) but my waters still broke first.  I have found some links that make other suggestions for supplements to take to create a strong amniotic sac. 


But in all I'm reading, I'm noticing that many women report using EPO or Borage oil orally and as suppositories to make the cervix favorable.  If I understand correctly, the body takes the GLA's in these oils, manufactures prostaglandins, etc.  The research, though, indicates that use of prostaglandins (like cervadil, etc) significantly increases risk of uterine rupture.


So my question: should EPO and Borage oil be treated the same as pharmecutical prostaglandins ...and therefore be avoided? Or no? 


Has Ina May or any other group committed to natural birth spoken on these types of questions?


Thanks for any tips you might know,


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I used EPO both orally and externally in my last few weeks prior to my VBAC.  It was recommended to me as safe by my naturopathic doctor.  I went into labour naturally and had a successful VBAC at 40wks.  I don't know how much the EPO helped, but I do like to think it did play a role in helping my body prepare.  For these sorts of things I always consult with my ND first. 

Thanks so much for posting this reply - it's so helpful to hear how others have used more natural means to encourage VBAC success.  I will have to find out about ND's in my area :)



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