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I had a C-sec with my first for Failure to Progress (really "Failure to Wait") and am hoping for an HBAC for our next one.  We're hoping to get pregnant soon.  I am wondering if there are any suggestions for things I can do now to strengthen the scar or anything else that would be useful for me to know in trying to increase the chance of a successful VBAC.  Obviously I know to be eating healthy and at a healthy weight.  I've heard of a couple of herbs and also some sort of ball that you can roll over your scar... just wondering what all of you may suggest.  Thanks!  

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Well with my last I was preparing for a VBAC, while I wasn't worried about the outer scar I was worried about my uterus. The only thought that came to mind was how to exercise the uterine muscle. I realized that when you orgasm the uterus contracts, what a great way to exercise and strengthen. The midwife during this pregnancy agreed, she also suggested the pregnancy teas and the things you have mentioned also. Of course when you are pregnant your body naturally works the uterus with the Braxton Hicks contractions too.
I think Eileen got it right...the concern is uterine rupture. One thing to be aware of is what type of uterine incision you had for your c-section, this could be different than the incision you have on your belly. The low-transverse incision carries the least risk of rupture. I would either ask my doctor or review my medical records. If you haven't already gotten pregnant, another thing to consider is the timing between births. My research indicated you should have at least 24 months between deliveries, although my doctor said she felt safe with 18 months. I believe that may be one of the biggest things in your control to help ensure a successful VBAC. I am not a midwife or nurse or doctor, but I have done a lot of my own research which has helped me make the decision to have a VBAC. And it seems that I am also lucky to have a doctor that is very supportive of whatever decision I make...I hope that your doctor will do the same for you. When I find them again, I will share some helpful websites for you to take a look at.
Hi Adrienne:

As a Certified Aromatherapist, I recommend a combination of Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oils. Apply 3 drops on incision, three times per day. This will help to heal the incision from the inside-out.

Let us know your progress.

All the best,
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I think a big part of having a successful VBAC is to team up with a care provider who is supportive of your choices and won't jump the gun to having another c-section. I had a VBAC just 2 weeks ago and my midwife was absolutely amazing and let me labour for 31.5 hours. We did need an OB consult and forceps were necessary in the end, but I think if I would have had a ob/gyn like my first doctor, I wouldn't have been "allowed" to labour so long and I'm sure a c-section would have been done.

I also agree with Heather - everyone feels more comfortable when there is 24 months or longer between births. My 2 are 19.5 months apart and I did get some grief about that. If they would have been 18 months or less apart, a VBAC wouldn't have been advised. Best of luck to you!

Hello Adrienne,


It's been a year later, did you conceive?  I am just reading your post and am suggesting Sweet Butterfly Mommy & Baby All-Purpose Aromatherapy Blend to assist the healing of c-section scars, among other fabulous support (http://www.wholecreations.com/mommyandbaby.html).  Exercise that strengthens your core would help too, such as belly dancing, hula hooping.


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