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Thank you for posting that. I had 2 c-sections before my vbac and i was just fine. I'm glad a Dr is actually doing real research instead of trying to scare the public. Now if only more Dr's would go along with the research instead of what their insurance companies tell them.
I know! I was thrilled to see a doctor doing this kind of research too! He is at OSU, which is great since I am in Columbus. If for some reason i decide not to go with a homebirth next pregancy I will definitely look into seeing this doctor.

I was also pleased that he acknowledged the emotional/spiritual side of birth - not in the same way a midwife would - but at least he was acknowledging that it is very important for many women.

I am the Founder & Chairperson of a self-help support group called VBAC Information & Support. We have been running since 1990 and have over 500,000 members worldwide. Hundreds of mums have had VBAC's after 2 or more C/S.

We have loads of information for anyone who would like it, please email us on


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Hosp VBA2C
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