Just wanted to share my story! Thanks for this great site that encouraged me before I had my VBAC!

So often it seems that when I am either expecting something to happen or I am trying to make something happen it happens when I least expect it. My VBAC was that exactly……..
God worked in the lives of my husband, Eric, and I and we decided to throw out the birth control pills for several reasons. Some personal and some for my health. I have to be honest and say that I did not think that God was going to bless us so soon with another baby. I had many plans for my summer, fall and winter this year but God had “His Schedule” in mind instead. It all began the day before Easter 2009 when we found out that God had indeed blessed us once more.
I had a rough first trimester. I struggled with things like mood swings and a ton of ‘morning sickness’. I also could not handle drinking water and only could eat carbs. Needless to say I gained way to much weight during that first trimester but all for a good cause I guess!
The second trimester was much easier but I began to carry very differently then James and the twins. I was given the movie “The Business of Being Born” to watch and things began to change in me. I realized that I wanted more then a ‘trial’ for my VBAC. I wanted the VBAC!
I read about 7 or 8 books about VBAC, Midwifery and having a natural childbirth. I found that my best bet for a ‘natural’ VBAC would be to go to a Midwife and that would be at Covenant in Saginaw, MI.

Labor Begins
So, once week 37 came I was ready to do anything, yes, anything, to bring on Labor. I had done my homework and I was ready to go!! Unfortunately my body and baby were not. I did not dilate or thin out at all until week 40. I had many moments when I was very discouraged and wanted to once again believe the lie that ‘my body can’t do it’ or that ‘my labors aren’t normal’. (My first two births were full of interventions by doctors and neither were fulfilling to me)
On Wednesday December 9th I went in for my check up with my husband. He came because we needed to discuss getting labor started as natural as possible because my time was ticking away. My midwife was giving me until the 17th to get my baby here. She checked me and with her help I did get to a 2 dilation. I was thrilled. She said she saw great improvement and scheduled me to get another membrane strip done in two days.
After that I knew I would have some cramping, which is what I had. They never went away. By bedtime they were for sure stronger but I just went to bed thinking the contractions would do what they always do, disappear. They didn’t! I couldn’t sleep so I got up and started watching the clock. They were all under 6 minutes apart so I got Eric up. I told him I would take a shower. I could barely make it through the shower so I got out and said we needed to leave immediately because it takes an hour to get to the hospital.
We got on our way and it was a long hard driving to Covenant, which by the way is where Eric and his siblings were born when it was Saginaw General. We were driving at 2 am at the tail end of a snow storm! I got there, my extra help and coach, Stefanie, was there and so we began our hospital VBAC!

Admission and Birth
So, I meet my nurse and she says that the midwives are not on call today and that she doesn’t know what to tell me! Yikes! Dagger to the heart! I worked so long so I could have a natural labor and birth and now had to give birth with a Doctor I had never met! Well, he wasn’t a prince but he did do his job and allowed me to have my ‘natural’ VBAC, God Bless Him!!!
I had a saline lock put in and hydrated myself during labor. I also allowed continuous monitoring of the baby for safety sake. I got to walk the halls, which I only made it down half way once! I was dilated at a 6 when I arrived and things picked up quickly. I was admitted at 3am and at 6:40am I was so ready to push once my water broke. My baby, who I still did not know was a boy or girl, was coming fast a furious. The head had not dropped much until the water broke so it was pretty hard pushing. At the very moment where I felt and thought in my head that I could not go on any longer the baby come out and everyone had to tell me to stop pushing because I couldn’t even feel that the pressure was gone. They allowed me to pick the baby up as soon as birth occurred and I looked down and saw that I had a beautiful baby GIRL! I have 3 boys and I finally got a girl!! I got a VBAC!!! I dreamed of that moment for so long and I am so blessed to say that other than not having a midwife I got the VBAC I wanted. My little girl has no issues and I had no surgery! I did however have a lot of stitches. Lets just say we didn’t count them all! I got to breastfeed right away and my baby only left my side to get a hearing test and shots.

I am so glad to say that I have recovered so quickly and at 4 weeks was ready to take care of all 4 of my beautiful children! If you want any information about VBACs or natural birth I would be happy to tell you more about my experience or to tell you what books I read. God bless and thank you for reading the story of my VBAC!

Elizabeth Arwen Schellhas
December 10th, 2009 7:03am
7.2 lbs 20 inches

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Thank you for sharing your story, and congratulations on a job well done!
Whoo-hoo! Congratulations, Sarah! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.
I am very interested in which books you found helpful.
Woo hoo mama! Congrats!!!



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