This is a disturbing story, reminding us that we need to be vocal for our rights and active in the pursuit of protecting them. It's so critical for us moms to find support and build a strong community, considering how hostile the medical/health care environment is.\

Read the New Jersey court ruling,

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This scares me and this is why I have chosen to have a home birth VBAC.
This is scary beyond belief. I really had no idea that the gov't was this ignorant. I'd like to see the person who tries to take my baby away from me.
Is there any more information on this? I read all three articles, but I couldn't find where V.M. had abused the baby other than the refusal of c/s. The articles all stated that there was other abuse and neglect, but I can't see how the mother even had the chance to abuse the baby any more b/c according to the report, the baby was taken as soon as it was born.
I would totally have an HBAC if DH would support me. If this VBAC is successful, I may look into it further for our next baby.
Ashley, That's just it. The baby was taken because she "abused the fetus" by refusing the c/s. BUT then again there was nothing done legally while she was in labor to get any court order to order the c/s but yet she had a normal vaginal birth without any complications. Even though everything turned out fine, she still had the baby taken from her! This is the VERY scary thing for me.

I guess I don't even know how they are justifying taking the baby other than she had prior psychiatric care and that she refused the c-section.
First off wow that is scary. This country is really scaring the heck out of me when it comes to womens rights. After 2 c-sections i had a homebirth and i think if more woman knew about midwives and doulas the c-section rate would drop simply because woman wouldn't see OB's anymore. When did it become the governments right to decide on how you are going to give birth? When did we give them that right? And how do we stop it? This is sickening. What does my daughter have to look forward to in 20 yrs when she is pregnant with her first child? Is everyone going to have to have a c-section "just incase"? Life is full of complications but most of them you can work through just like in labor.

But I also think in the court documents it showed a history of psychiatric issues. If she is unfit then yes they did the right thing. But why can crack mom's or abusive parents take classes and show that they are clean and able to control their anger and the courts give them their kids back only to be abused or killed down the road?Why can't she go back on meds and be evaluated by CPS and the baby be put back in her care?

This is such a rough topic but one that needs to be brought to light more often. Maybe if enough woman read things like this and speak out finally this will change. I can only hope that when my kids are ready to have kids that they wont have to deal with these issues.



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