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Hi I'm Brooke!

I am currently 11 weeks pregnant with my first and due 11/21/09ish. I am so so so exhausted all the time but at the least the nausea phase is beginning to pass and the ravenously hungry phase is beginning. I have lived in Seattle for about a year now and love it so far.

Look forward to hearing from other locals.

Take Care
Hello there!
I'm Stefanie and I'm due December 9th. Like you, Brooke, I am absolutely exhausted! The nausea hasn't actually come to fruition (so to speak), thankfully, but I'm feeling sort of... carsick all the time.
I live in Bellingham and have for six years after moving up from San Diego to attend WWU (then moving back to SD, then moving back here -- I just can't stay away!)
This is my first, so I'm looking forward to talking with lots of other moms-to-be.
Hi, I'm Erin.

I'm 17 weeks now and due October 19. I am still pretty tired and low-energy, but maybe because I'm anemic rather than anything else. And I'm still nauseated but not as much as a few weeks ago.

I'm in Redmond and have a 3-year-old daughter who was born at Evergreen Hospital with a midwife. Evergreen was good, for a hospital, but they don't let you waterbirth there (though you can labor in water) so I'm aiming for a birth center birth this time around.
How are all you pregnant mamas feeling now?

Erin, my 3rd son was born October 19! (2006)
Hi I'm Vanessa..
it is very nice to meet you all,
i am 13 weeks pregnant and due around 11/25.09ish.
I am also very exhausted and still going through the morning sickness..but I am less sick throughout the day. all of the mothers in my life tell me i'll feel like superwoman/mother earth soon. i'm..still..waiting.
i live in olympia.
Hi! I'm Holly. I'm 23 years old. I have a three year old daughter named Moire (Moy ruh, or Mwa ruh). We live in Kent, on the Easthill.

I wanted a homebirth, but my midwife kicked me out of her practice at 37 weeks. I found a great birth center that would take me. Erin, you should look into this place. It's on the same block as the Evergreen Hospital: Puget Sound Birth Center. It's amazing. My midwife team was so nice, and friendly, and honest. Ask for Heike. :)

Even in going to a midwife, I had to be transferred to a hospital (I chose Swedish) because my waters had been ruptured over 24 hours, with meconium present, I was 10 days "overdue", and I was GBS+. That was a crazy experience.

I can't wait to share my experiences and wisdom with you guys and to learn what I can from you as well. :)
I've heard great things about Heike! I posted my intro on another thread (didn't see this one), but I'll post here too.

I'm Kristina, I live in Bremerton with my husband and our three kids- 12, 8 and 2 in September. :) I'm a doula and childbirth educator, and a blooming henna artist.

It's sweet to see all of your plans! Looking forward to getting to know everyone. :)
oh my gosh, this is the cutest baby in the world! (Kristina's photo)
ello, I'm Anna, Currently a student, studying to become a doula (by Sep 2010), interior designer (graduating in Nov), web/grapich designer and university instructor. I have attened one birth so far and it was for a friend of mine. It was beautiful! I plan on trying to start a family with my boyfriend Scott next year and I will be shooting to give birth durring the spring or summer the following year. I know that I want a home birth with a midwife and doula and thinking about it get's me all excited! Nice to meet all of you and i can't wait to read your stories!
Hi, I'm new here. I'm Brittany. I live in the Yakima area. I have 2 kids, my daughter born in Feb 2008 (pitocin/epidural birth) and my soon just born in March 2010 (Natural Hospital Birth using Hypnobabies) I'm a stay-at-home mom working on becoming a doula and Hypnobabies Instructor. I blog at



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