I found a yoga class that I love, its so amazing to be in a room of 30+ mommies-to-be and I feel like a whole new person when I come out. Even with my exhaustion it makes me feel refreshed and energized. My favorite part is when we go around the room and everyone says how far along they are and what issues they had/how they are feeling this week. The teacher incorporates different yoga positions based on this discussion and its quite educational for us first trimester ladies to hear about what to expect and 20, 30, 39 weeks. They also have post-natal mommy and me yoga that I plan to sign up for.

http://www.seattleholisticcenter.com/pregnancy/pregnancy.shtml - Seattle (Wallingford)

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thank you brooke, for inspiring me, i really should find something like this...

before i became pregnant i was practicing ashtanga yoga every day, and the practice takes a lot of stamina. i found that with my first trimester sick phase i couldn't bring myself to do anything like that. i miss yoga so much, and ashtanga is a little too rough for me. it is nice to hear that you feel like a whole new person when you come out, because that is how i used to feel! and i would like to feel refreshed like that again! i will find prenatal yoga in oly!



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