Khamila was born on 06.05.09 at 9:30am. Her mommy at her 23yrs old goes to active labor for 8 hrs and a half. The best experience of her life! :) no drugs during or after! Not even an aspirin! :) Due to Khamila sucking her thumb during labor AND delivery, her mommy had to go out of the water because her cervix was getting swollen, and had to deliver Khamila in bed, with no complications at all. (you can see her little hand right when her shoulders are coming out).. If you'd like information about my midwifes, please email me and I'll give you all of their info. Or you can also google them :)
I started to have my midwifery care at my 32wks! I didn't want to tell anyone either, but my partner and I, my mom (which supported me), and my sister, which was against it, until a month later watched "the business of being born" and totally changed her mind for good :)

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Comment by Anna Kincaid on July 13, 2009 at 5:13pm
Very beautiful video and photos! Thank you so much for sharing your birth. I saw how much your partner loved you as he loved on you while you were pushing and in labor. I believe that kind of support is whatever woman that enjoys that type of affection needs during labor.
Comment by marce uriarte on July 12, 2009 at 7:51pm
Thank you Denita! That's what all these is all about... sharing and trying to get women to avoid drugs/hospitals as much as possible (obviously, there are times when unfortunately we can't do anything about it, because of the outcomes - if the baby is on a breech, head up - and many more..) but when everything goes great during pregnancy, then I would definitely recommend NO medication at all. AND a home birth, it's the most great experience, the midwifes are so educated and they KNOW what they're doing. At home you can do whatever, you are IN YOUR PLACE! You can be doing whatever you feel like doing, in bed, laying down, sitting down, how ever you want/feel to deliver your own baby... there's just SO much you can do at home that you can't do in a hospital...
Good Luck with your deliver! :) I wish you the best! It's an amazing experience!

We love you and Bria! and whenever you have your next baby, and everything goes good, you'll have it at home, and I'll be there :) and Bri too! welcoming her baby sister or brother... or both! :O hehe..
I love you cheesy! MUCHO grande! <3 Thanks for everything!
Comment by Denita on July 12, 2009 at 7:12pm
Thanks for sharing your birth! It makes me more and more excited to deliver my little girl at home at the end of this month.
Comment by Krystal on July 9, 2009 at 8:11am
My hero! One of the most beautiful home birth videos I've seen! Tia Krystal loves you Khamila!


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