Michelle reflects back on her pregnancy/birth and shares her feeling, thoughts, and lessons learned. She was induced at42 weeks and labored for 3 days, never passing 7 centimeters. Not every birth goes exactly as planned but you can repair your relationship and accept with love using her tips! Get more tips at www.getfitforbirth.com

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Comment by Evie MacRunnel on February 17, 2010 at 9:53am
Thank you for sharing.
This is how I feel about the hospital system as well. The staff have great intentions, but the legality of it all puts them in a position to get the baby out quickly and safely.
I am a nurse and have done a week's worth of clinical training for school in the labor and delivery unit. It was very interesting to see the staff's point of view on a naturally birthing patient. It was as if the patient was offending the staff by "refusing" hospital options. The staff wanted to say, "Why is she here if she doesn't want our help?" I can't wait for the hospitals to start educating their staff on how to make the atmosphere for natural birth non-judgmental and seen as normal.


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